Kylie Minogue rescues The Voice as 10 million tune in

Kylie Minogue’s debut as a judge on BBC’s The Voice has revived the struggling show. If you look at the numbers, an additional 2 million viewers tuned in to see the Australian singer’s debut. The show’s always struggled when compared to ITV’s X-Factor, but at least it’s starting to draw some attention of its own.

Pete Waterman, the man who brought Kylie Minogue to the world’s attention with songs like The Loco-Motion, isn’t at all surprised that she’s making a big impression on the BBC show. “"Kylie was always the sort of person that, when the camera was on her, it really loved her," he said. "I remember doing so many gigs in the early days where we took television cameras with us and the cameramen would turn around to us and say 'My God, we've never seen anybody like this girl!' And if you watch the Voice that's what you see – someone with such amazing charisma that it just oozes from the television."

Her personality is why British TV viewers and music buyers fell in love with her in the 1980s and it remains her most enduring quality. Kaiser Chief’s lead singer Ricky Wilson, who is also a judge on The Voice said that she puts people at ease: “I was having panics about doing the show every morning, but on the first week I found myself sitting cross-legged on her dressing room floor while she gave me advice. She'd say, 'You're doing really well, just keep it together and don't let Will.i.am fool you.' It was surreal because, well, it was Kylie! But it definitely helped calm the nerves and make me realise I wasn't just there to make up the numbers."

Kylie’s always been one to reinvent herself which keeps music lovers on their toes. It’s part of her enduring charm and why her career’s lasted as long as it has. Her career should be used as a model for aspiring singers as Waterman remarked: “"After all this time she's still there. So if she's not the best person to advise budding popstars, who is?"

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