Kylie to reunite with Jason?

The 1980s – when every day was a bad hair day. Nostalgists will get the chance to remember some of the era’s most infectiously irritating pop with a tribute concert to notorious hitmakers Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

The fiendish team whose PWL record label brought you Kylie Minogue and Rick Astley among other disposable acts, will have their own homage at Hyde Park on July 11, with performers including Bananarama, Steps, Astley, Dead Or Alive and Simon Cowell’s close friend Sinitta. There are rumours that Kylie might even show up for a duet with her long-lost Neighbours husband Jason Donovan.

Waterman recalled their money-spinning heyday to The Guardian. "Two thirds of the country at the time hated our guts," he said, "but that never worried us, because we knew that kids loved us. No one saw the irony of the situation. PWL was an independent, and we were beating all the major labels at their own game. We were more rock'n'roll than they were."

Waterman fondly recalled that John Peel, champion of challenging indie music, was sympathetic to PWL. When the Brit Awards snubbed Waterman’s acts, Peel took the producer for a curry. "His daughter was a Kylie fanatic," Waterman said, "but John understood where we were coming from. He wasn't a snob."

"What we did, it's candyfloss, but there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you don't eat too much of it and you brush your teeth afterwards. That's the problem with pop today: it's just so serious. Guys, come on, let's get real here. Where's your smile?"

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