La Roux singer ‘changes voice’ for new album

The voice of Electronic duo La Roux, Elly Jackson, has revealed that on her forthcoming album her voice sounds a whole lot different.

‘Some of the new stuff I've played for people, everyone's like, 'Wow, this sounds really different',’ Jackson told NME.

’My voice has changed as well. There's only one track so far that's got a higher vocal on it, like on the majority of the first record. All of the other tracks I've written I've found this deeper area of my voice, it's got more of a Stevie Nicks tone to it.’

The singer went on to admit that she felt pressure to repeat the success of the group’s self-titled debut, which spawned a bunch of top 10 singles.

She said: ‘There is pressure, but the pressure from myself is always a lot worse because I just have such high standards. But I'd be an idiot and a liar if I said I didn't want to repeat the success.

We've written two singles already I'm not going to stop until we've got songs which can compete on the same level as 'In For The Kill' and 'Bulletproof'.’

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