La Roux take it down an octave

Good news for fans who have tried to sing along to La Roux but failed miserably to reach the shrill notes: Elly Jackson will be changing her vocal style for the next album. The quiffed crooner has also said that Eighties pop is no longer top of her musical influences.

'The type of music I like now is completely different. I don't listen to '80s music any more. Obviously I still do but not the same type of '80s music. I've listened to a lot more Italo-disco and old funk. The influences will be very different for the next record. The vocal style will be different, I've changed the way I sing. Not on purpose, it's just happened, seeing things I can do with my voice,' she told NewsBeat.

We hear you Elly, just keep it catchy, ok?

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