Ladies men

Struggling with the ladies lads? Who are you gonna call? No, not the ghostbusters, they’d have terrible advice. No, not The A-Team, ditto, but Kings Of Leon. Don’t cry because you haven’t got the hunky lead snarler’s phone number because they have publicly shared their top tips.

Sharing all to Dave Berry on Xfm drummer Nathan Followill revealed, ‘Jared's the single one. He's not exactly the charmer. He just goes ‘Nnn-ssss nnnns- he's a club rat. It's sign language, mainly. But we're all pretty charming. We're from the South, it's been bred into us.’

While guitarist Matthew chipped in with advice for those about to break-up, ‘I'm better at break up lines... like: Are there people following you? Because I'm seeing people behind your back.’

Um, maybe should have called The A-Team.

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