Lady Gaga and R. Kelly inspired by Monroe/Kennedy during their 2013 AMA performance

Sunday evening saw the American Music Awards take place at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles bringing to the stage the biggest names and hottest performances in music entertainment.

Obviously everyone was waiting to see what Lady Gaga and R&B/rapper superstar R Kelly would come up with after their controversial and eyebrow raising “Do What U Want” performance during Saturday Night Live – but we can’t imagine why anyone would still be raising eyebrows considering the pop star’s rep of trying to shock fans with outlandish costumes and sometimes stripping down to various stages of undress or going completely naked.

After mimicking several sexual acts with R. Kelly in the late-night comedy showcase, the duo gave AMA viewers another unique performance of “Do What U Want” (the song is featured in Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP album released earlier this month) in a White House, Oval Office inspired setting.

Gaga had a platinum blonde hair look that seemed to be inspired by a modern day Marilyn Monroe while dressed in super short outfit before stripping down to a beaded dance ensemble, as R. Kelly played the role of the President of the United States, just days after the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The two sang and then got on a little straddling action on the desk before breaking out in a dance routine with ‘President Kelly’ then denying having anything to do with this blonde bombshell after scandalous photos hit Instagram, leaving a sobbing Gaga/Marilyn heartbroken to continue the number.

The 27-year-old singer arrived at the 2013 AMA’s riding a fake white horse - a take on Bianca Jagger iconic entrance into Studio 54 in 1977 - dressed in a stunning and elegant shimmering lavender Versace gown, since she has been recently named the face of the Italian fashion house for their Spring and Summer 2014 campaign.

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