Lady GaGa egged

Lady GaGa is one of those artists that divides opinions: either she's a trailblazing pop star that does tireless work for the LGBT community, or she's an attention-seeking talent vacuum. Some people genuinely hate her, especially because of her vocal stand on homophobia.

So it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that she and her entourage were pelted with eggs as she left a Sydneynightclub. The singer was attacked while she was on her way out of ARQ nightclub after completing the second of two secret gigs, and although no-one knows why, rumours have suggested it might have something to do with her campaign to legalise gay marriage in the country.

GaGa has used the trip to speak out, and even called on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to legalise same-sex ceremonies

'It's 2011, get on with it,' she said. 'I am so against the way certain laws and restrictions send messages that one person is better than another. I urge all of you to mobilise your voices so the prime minister can hear you scream that you want to be equal.'

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