Lady GaGa goes showtune

There's not much that's quirkier than the new Queen Of Pop, Lady GaGa. Not only does she fly around the world dressed like a wardrobe fell on her, she consistently pulls out utterly mad, pop-tastic performances, as though she were powered by some mystical pop drug. Well you'll be glad to know that she's showing no signs of slowing up, if her latest effort is anything to go by.

Ms Germanotta has teamed up with lounge legend Tony Bennett to perform the show tune classic 'The Lady Is A Tramp', which was written by Rodgers and Hart in 1937, for Bennett's new album Duets II. He's already pulled out a corker with the recently deceased Amy Winehouse, and he doesn't disappoint here either, coaxing out a great performance from the world's foremost pop star. Have a listen and judge for yourselves.

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