Lady Gaga is latest Celebrity to complete Ice Bucket Challenge

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The Ice Bucket Challenge has been doing the rounds for quite a bit now but the world may just have seen the coolest an calmest video yet as Lady Gaga completed the challenge in her own unique way. Gaga just sits quietly in a chair, legs crossed without saying a word and she doesn't flinch one bit when the water hits her.

You may have noticed recently that your Facebook and Twitter feeds were being populated by more and more clips of friends and celebs drenching themselves in ice cold water. The Ice Bucket Challenge is all in aid of Motor Neron Disease or ALS as it is known in the States and celebrities have been very quick to lend their support by showering themselves in sub-zero water and entertaining millions in the process.

The idea is once you complete the challenge that you nominate three more people to do it and everybody has the option to donate money to a Motor Neuron charity rather than do the challenge if you are not up to it.

Charlie Sheen demonstrated how to donate in style by appearing to dump some water over his head when instead $10,000 fell on him which he duly donated to an ALS charity of his choice before urging his nominees to do the same.

Justin Timberlake, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have all done the challenge but there was plenty of chatting in each of their videos as they each named who nominated them as well as nominating some of their friends to accept the challenge. Zuckerberg is the only one so far who can rival Gaga though for taking the pain effortlessly as he didn't make a peep when the water arrived.

Oprah Winfrey also got stuck in and in complete contrast to Lady Gaga she absolutely screamed the house down on her video after getting drenched with cold water before nominating Steven Spielberg and Dame Helen Mirren.

VIDEO Lady Gaga Ice Bucket Challenge

Justin Bieber also got involved recently but he cheated as he just turned an bucket of water sans ice over above his head and therefore escaped the cold water that others have endured. This didn't go down well online so after realising that he wasn't going to get away with he completed the challenge properly.

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