Lady Gaga nude sketch on eBay

Time to check that Paypal balance. The veteran crooner Tony Bennett is putting his nude sketch of Lady Gaga on eBay. If that sounds like the unlikely result of typing several different phrases into Google, it turns out it’s true, according to the NME.

Bennett, the 85 year-old king of easy listening, met up with Lady Gaga for a Vanity Fair photoshoot. They had already collaborated on the classic The Lady Is a Tramp for Bennett’s recent Duets II album.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz suggested, with the daring that only a celebrity snapper can muster, that Lady Gaga undress. The singer, who let’s face it is no shy wallflower, obliged, and dropped her robe.

Lady Gaga explained the scene: "I walked in and she was like 'I want you to be naked’. So I took off my robe and lay down and poor Tony was standing there looking at me like: 'Oh this f***ing girl.'"

We are sure Bennett’s response was far more gentlemanly, although there may have been a few concerns about possible heart palpitations. Instead, the venerable singer coolly reached for his sketching implements and immortalised the memorable scene while Leibovitz took her pictures.

Missing the chance to invite other starlets to come up and see his etching of Lady Gaga, Bennett has put the sketch up for auction. Proceeds from the sale will be split between Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and Bennett's Exploring The Arts charity. And before you ask, there isn’t a Buy It Now option.

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