Lady Gaga & Oasis chart record

The longest, the fastest, the smallest, the mostest? Everyone loves a record breaker. Fact! With a new Guinness Book Of World records impending here are some juicy music related records from it.

First up, is news that Lady Gaga has spent the most consecutive weeks in the UK top 75 chart, with 154 weeks. KER-CHING! Snatching the record from Oasis. In other news the biggest selling female act of the century so far is Madonna, and Michael Jackson is understandably the most searched for online male artist. Whilst Pixie Lott’s single ‘Boys And Girls’ jumped the most places in chart history from number 75 to number one in a week.

Talking about the stats, editor-in-chief of this year's record breaking book Craig Glenday said; ‘almost two years ago, Lady Gaga and Pixie Lott were not even around so it's amazing they have broken these records. Every year, so many new music records are broken.’

If you’re not impressed by any of those facts, I bet someone else’s house on you mentioning one, next time you’re in the pub.

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