Lady GaGa released her Hair for download

Lady GaGa has revealed the latest track for her fans to download. 'Hair' is the fourth track designed to build up buzz in the run-up to the release of 'Born This Way', and deals with just how important her hair was to her when she was growing up. She explained on the Graham Norton show that 'my hair was my glory. It was the only thing that I could change about myself,' and that's reflected in the lyrics, in which she says 'I am my hair'.

Apart from being a soppy, petty teenage rebellion, there's no sense of actual anguish or pain in the track, and her vocals seem almost phoned in: rarely has GaGa track been so lacking emotion. It's a shame really, as none of the tunes she's released to promote the album have impressed all that much, and you'd think that her and the label would be putting out the killer tracks in order to push the record. Alas, it appears that there is no killer material this time round, and that's a shame, as when she's on form GaGa is the premier pop star on the planet, a genuinely strange artist who is capable of bringing the most out-there sections of society into the mainstream.

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