Lady Gaga to play iTunes festival

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See Lady Gaga for free. That's the enticing opportunity for Gaga fans in London, with the news that her Ladyship will play an hour of new music at the iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse on September 1. All shows at the festival are free, but only available to competition winners.

Lady Gaga broke the news on her Twitter feed with the hashtag #UKMonstersGetReady. Competition is bound to be fierce with entry details available at the iTunes Festival website. There are free shows throughout September with an illustrious line-up including the likes of Elton John, Pixies, Chic, Vampire Weekend. Jessie J and Justin Timberlake.

Meanwhile Lady Gaga is getting increasingly cranky with the extended gestation period of her immense multimedia project masquerading as a new album, ARTPOP. She was incensed when the first single 'Applause' leaked before the official release date, and now is laying down the law about how fans should listen to her latest masterpieces.

Hitting the Caps Lock key to save time she tweeted: "oh, & just a suggestion... use HEADPHONES when listening to the new music, ARTPOP is ELECTRONIC CANDY & DELISH ON THE EARS." Really? But surely the Gaga target demographic is mostly the kind of adolescent that likes to listen to their music on a smartphone's tinny speaker while sitting on a crowded bus?

Gaga continued to lay down the law. "THE SPEAKERS ON YOUR COMPUTER are NOT ACCEPTABLE, unless you like hearing music underwater. I do not. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE US CRY AND LISTEN WITHOUT HEADPHONES."

Gaga does seem inordinately concerned about how the new music will be received. Even her trailer ad for ARTPOP seems to be pre-empting a critical backlash. The images feature the singer being jeered while messages on screen include "Lady Gaga is no longer relevant" and "Ever since Born This Way, she's a flop".

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