Lady Gaga to sing from outer space in 2015

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Planet Earth is becoming a little tight for global superstar Lady Gaga so she’s decided to head to outer space to perform for both humans and aliens.

According to Us Weekly, the ‘Mother Monster’ will be a part of the Zero G Colony high-tech musical festival that Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson is organizing in 2015 and she'll reportedly be the first musician to sing from space from the world’s first commercial spacecraft.

Zero G Colony is a three-day hi-tech festival which is set to take place at the Spaceport America in New Mexico and will feature world-class entertainment and cutting-edge technology.

While in space, Gaga she is expected to perform one song and then return to Earth, and her performance in space is supposedly planned to take place on the third day at dawn.

Lady Gaga will have to do some training for the space trip, "She has to do a month of vocal training because of the atmosphere," added a source ,who also said that "Gaga has taken out a ridiculous life insurance policy," ... just in case.

Just the other day the flamboyant singer revealed to gay magazine Attitude, that she has quit smoking marijuana – she was up 15 joints a day - and addicted to weed to help relieve the pain following her hip injury and subsequent operation for a labral tear last February, which forced her to cancel the remaining 25 dates on her Born This Way tour world tour.

Lady Gaga is currently promoting her third album ARTPOP which is set to be released tomorrow 11 November.

Since NBCUniversal announced two days ago an exclusive multi-platform partnership with Virgin Galactic to televise the inaugural commercial space flight of SpaceShipTwo , it will be interesting to see if they will also be airing Lady Gaga’s performance, who we doubt will be allowed to perform naked this time, but with The Gaga you never know.

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