Lady Gaga's army of fans

Do you like Lady Gaga?

No, I mean, do you actually 'Like' Lady Gaga?

Because nowadays, you don't really like anything till you've 'Liked' it on Facebook, right?

It certainly seems plenty of us 'Like' Lady Gaga. Less than two years since she burst on the scene with the space-age outfits and pulsing electropop of her first hit, 'Just Dance,' the singing and fashion sensation has racked up a whopping 10 million fans on Facebook.

That's more than Barack Obama, Britney Spears, or, in fact, any other living person. The 'only pages with more fans, the NME reports, are for the late Michael Jackson, Facebook itself, Family Guy, Mafia Wars, and, er, Texas Hold'em Poker.

'Thank u so much little monsters for following me on Facebook!,' Gaga tweeted her fans. '10 million friends of mine who are now connected to each other.'

It's a nice thought. But I've heard that the 20 million fans of Texas Hold'Em Poker are going to get together and challenge Gaga's 'little monsters' to a fight...

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