Lady Gaga's new video recorded spontaneously at LA drag club

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For those of you who have long wondered whether Lady Gaga's performances and set pieces are the natural expression of an artiste living the avant gardist dream and staying true to her natural eccentricity or tortuously rehearsed by a savvy PR a team in a bid to preserve an image that requires a consistent upping of the ante, here is an interesting insight.

The video for the new single from the ARTPOP album, ‘Applause’, features Gaga jamming with a phalanx of drag queens. But regulars of Micky’s nightclub in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, were astonished by just how spontaneous the filming of the video was, with one queen describing it as 'spur of the moment'.

Well known ‘female impersonator’ Shannel described events to MTV news, virtually on the point of gushing as she noted her and the other ‘girls’ surprise at just how organic, interactive and ‘real’ the process was.

"It was very last minute, spur of the moment. We knew nothing about it,' "She just sat there in the crowd, just as a regular spectator, and then it just became a lot more interactive [when she came on stage and] that got the crowd really up and going. And then birthdays came around and she started singing to all the people onstage. It was great!"

"Madness! It was lots and lots of energy! To the audiences' perspective, it was this completely overwhelming thing” she explained. "It sealed the deal [when she jumped onstage]. Like 'Whoa, she's raised human' and she doesn't have to have a bodyguard on her every second of the moment, [she has] her own free will and spirit and all of that. It was pretty cool."

Go Gaga – if there is one thing the music business needs more of, it is natural spontaneity of this kind and a genuine edge to performance and indeed image.

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