Ladytron's Gravity The Seducer streamed online

Ladytron's new album 'Gravity The Seducer' has been streamed online in full by the band, and you lucky, lucky people can listen to it right here.

The record was released on Monday, but we know what you people are like: you don't want to pay for anything. What a bunch of skinflints you lot are. How exactly are Liverpool's foremost electro pop duo going to get their hands on new trackies, let along tickets to watch whichever one of the city's two football teams they happen to support? You just have no empathy.

  1. 'White Elephant'
  2. 'Mirage'
  3. 'White Gold'
  4. 'Ace Of Hz'
  5. 'Ritual'
  6. 'Moon Palace'
  7. 'Altitude Blues'
  8. 'Ambulances'
  9. 'Melting Ice'
  10. 'Transparent Days'
  11. '90 Degrees'
  12. 'Aces High'
Ladytron - Gravity The Seducer by nettwerkmusicgroup

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