Lagerfeld sorry for calling Adele "too fat"

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has apologised for calling Adele "a little too fat". Lagerfeld, obviously unconcerned about the fashion industry’s notoriety for judging women by their size, had made the remarks in an interview for New York Metro.

After his comment was published, Lagerfeld has attempted to remove his foot from his mouth. "I'd like to say to Adele that I am your biggest admirer," he said. "Sometimes when you take a sentence out of the article it changes the meaning of the thought.

"Adele is my favourite singer and I am a great admirer of her," he added, calling her a "beautiful girl". Unfortunately he didn’t quit while he was ahead, but tactlessly got straight back to the issue of weight. "I lost over 30 kilos over 10 years ago and have kept it off. I know how it feels when the press is mean to you in regards to your appearance."

Lagerfeld’s appearance is not his most obvious problem. Although his faux-pas was not quite in the John Galliano league, his inability to engage his brain before sounding off in magazines might be a serious concern. He attempted to retract the slur before a full-scale Twitter storm gathered and headed his way. As head of the Chanel fashion house, his comments could be commercially damaging.

The American PR Kelly Cutrone had already responded by writing: "If you love Adele then boycott Chanel - Boo Karl".

Presumably Adele can now have any Chanel frock she fancies, just by making a call.

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