Lana covers Kasabian hit

Just get a room guys. Classy chanteuse Lana Del Rey’s mutual love-in with grubby Leicester rockers Kasabian is beginning to get a little embarrassing.

They started it, by recording a sloppy version of her worldwide hit Video Games. She has now returned the favour, offering her own piano and crooning version of their Goodbye Kiss, even managing to make the dumb lyrics sound vaguely meaningful.

Del Rey recorded the song for Radio One’s Live Lounge, where it is traditional for artists to perform unlikely cover versions. Del Rey told Fearne Cotton why she chose the track. "All of my boyfriends had loved Kasabian and I'd never listened to them. I started and I really like this song. I love this song and I love the melody, I love the way the boys sing it."

It’s further evidence of the otherwise very stylish Del Rey’s rather dubious taste in music. She was seen hanging out with Axl Rose in California recently, and attended a Guns N’ Roses show.

Kasabian were understandably highly flattered. The guitarist Serge Pizzorno, who wrote the song, described Del Rey's version as "f***ing beautiful," which amounts to high praise indeed in Leicester.

"I'm really proud," he said. "Obviously we covered one of hers, Video Games, so it was quite a sweet thing to do back. It's a really nice gesture. It's proper old school."

The ball’s back in Kasabian’s court now. Perhaps they might like to get in touch with their feminine side and offer their take on Del Rey’s anthem This Is What Makes Us Girls.

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