Lana Del Rey latest video leaks

Lana Del Rey is a strong contender for best new artist of 2011. Her single Video Games became a YouTube sensation long before it was even released, the New York singer’s breathy intonation, provocative lyrics and arresting looks capturing the attention of millions.

The follow-up, Born To Die, looks set to repeat the success. The video has already been leaked (funny how often that happens, it’s like it could almost be a deliberate publicity stunt) and the formula is similar. Del Rey smoulders with a couple of tigers and a tattooed boy whose driving skills are not all they might be. It all ends (spoiler alert!) in blood, flames and revealing underwear.

No expense seems to have been spared in the making of the video, fuelling the beliefs of some industry observers that there is some serious investment determined to make Lana Del Rey into a superstar. The singer posted a response to the "leak" on Facebook.

"I will say that this video is the most beautiful thing I've ever done," she wrote. "I hope you like it - this isn't the time or way I wanted to show you the video but I'm in Beijing with no access to social media, and the video’s been leaked from Russia."

Oh those Russians. The single is the title track of the album that will be released in January. Some sources are suggesting that it is her debut, although she previously released the EP Kill Kill in 2010. Lana Del Rey fans should track down the song Pawn Shop Blues, one of the best things she has ever recorded.

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