Last chance Glasto tickets

Well well well, isn’t Glastonbury shaping up to be the sure fire hit of the year? Already booked in to rock the hippies out of their stoned minds are U2, Muse, Stevie Wonder and now possibly even Snoop Dogg, along with loads more. Lucky you bought that ticket when you did, eh? Oh, you didn’t.

Well, no need to cry because the very last chance for people to buy tickets for the 40th Anniversary of Glastonbury this summer has been announced. April 11th is the date, and 9am is the time when a limited amount of tickets go back on sale due to unreliables failing to pay up the first time around. You’ll need to register at here by the end of March before you attempt to buy a ticket.

Check out Glastonburyfestivals for further info.

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