Learn to write songs with Kate Nash

Kate Nash is a woman on a mission to get more schoolgirls penning their own songs.

The singer is getting ready to launch an initiative in British schools next week called the Rock and Roll After-School Music Club in UK schools after she trialled a similar scheme in New York.

This Wednesday, the star is due to talk at Avonbourne Girls’ School in Bournemouth where she will set up a permanent songwriting club, The Independent reports.

Talking of her experience in the music industry, the singer said: ‘A lot of women in pop aren't writing their own songs and there is this preconception that women are meant mainly as performers. A lot of people still ask me whether I write my own material, as if women are not capable of doing it. That is damaging to people's reputation.

She then spoke about the importance of sex appeal as a female artist. ‘There is more than one way for a woman to be sexy and that doesn't have to be our purpose in life,’ she said. ‘I thought back to when I felt most insecure about myself and about what changed that and how. It was being a teenage girl and thinking I had to look and act in a certain way that had me feel terrible and unworthy.’

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