Leave your pass at the door!

Depending which side of the story you read Westlife have either been dumped by their record label, or been given a multi-million pound recording contract by another record label, hmmm....

For 13 years Westlife have been signed to Simon Cowell’s cheese factory label SyCo but according to The Sun, the Irish key-changers say it’s ‘time for a a change’ and decided to jump ship to Sony RCA. Talking about the break with Cowell, Mark Feehily from the group said; ‘yes Gravity is the last album for us to make with Simon Cowell & his label. We love&respect him&thank him for his part in WL! (sic)’.

With Fellow bandmate Nicky Byrne adding; ‘truth is yes we have moved on from Syco records after a fantastic 13years.. But it is time for a change and it's very exciting..!’

Yeah. Dumped!

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