Legal Gaga

Lady Gaga is being sued for the whopping sum of $35million by her former boyfriend and producer, who is claiming that he is owed for his role in making her the star she is today.

Rob Fusari claims that she ditched him as soon as her career took off, and that he was never given any credit (or money, crucially) for his help in her rise to the very top of the pop pyramid. He also claims that he co-wrote some of her songs, gave her the name Lady Gaga and helped her get a record deal. He started working with her in 2006, when Gaga was still going by her real name, Stefani Germanotta, and the lawsuit goes that he is owed 20 percent of the proceeds from Paparazzi and Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, which appeared on her debut album The Fame, and which he hasn’t yet received.

Neither Gaga herself nor anyone associated with her has made an comment yet, which is probably a sign that there will be big old court room battle (or maybe a chunky out-of-court settlement).

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