Leona Lewis booed at the Mobos

Leona Lewis got booed at the MOBOs last night for failing to turn up. She was awarded Best Album for 'Spirit' and Best Video for 'Bleeding Love' (really??) Sinitta accepted the awards for her and, to the sound of loud booing made a little speech about how far Leona had come - presumably so far she can't be bothered with awards anymore.

The ex singer said: "I remember when Simon Cowell and I first discovered her and she goes from strength to strength... You should be proud of her." Mel B also defended Leona saying, "stop giving Leona Lewis a hard time you lot. It's not her fault she can't be here." Been as Northern Spice was dressed like a character from Star Wars, nobody took much notice though.

Estelle, who picked up Best UK Female and Best Song for American Boy was also more forgiving. "You know what, they do that every year for everyone when people don't turn up. But I don't think that takes away from the fact that she's a great artist and she deserved the awards she got."

We agree, create a massive star, and what else exactly do you expect? Of course she doesn't have time to attend every single bash going. If she couldn't make it on the night because she had a million other better things to do, well that's just the nature of the beast. Wouldn't real fans (whoever they are) have supported her anyway?

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