Leona Lewis - plagiarist?

Remember Leona Lewis? Yes, the dull one off X Factor (or was it some other lame talent show? We forget) who somehow, despite being technically beautiful, manages to exude exactly no sexuality whatsoever. She looked set to be a huge hit worldwide, and did in fact sell boatloads of her debut album Spirit – 6.5million to be precise. However now her star has fallen somewhat, and at the moment she's embroiled in a plagiarism scandal. Oh dear.

Lewis and Syco are set to fight off an High Court challenge over her new single 'Collide', which Swedish DJ Avicii says that sounds far to much like his own tune 'Fade Into Darkness'. He wants an injunction against the release of Lewis' song, and he claims that he denied Syco use of the track, as he was looking for a female singer to perform the vocals, before releasing it himself. He also claims that 'Collide' is a straight re-recording of his song – what a palaver, eh? Why not judge for yourself: are Syco and Lewis dirty thieves or not?

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