Leona Lewis releases video for 'Collide'

Leona Lewis has released the video for her new single 'Collide', which will be released on 4 September.

The video shows Lewis on a beach at Malibu, just chillaxing with her very bestest friends (not actors – oh no), while generally looking like someone who's pretty boring. Yes, she's got a great voice; so what? The day she makes a memorable pop song will be the day we don't fall asleep while listening to her.

'I have been through so much in the past....well, almost two years now,' she said, in a bank manager's voice. 'Going on tour and having the experience of all that - my first major tour - it made me grow a lot as an artist and I have also grown a lot as a person because of the different things that have been happening to me in my life," she explained.

'I have been able to put all of that into the album so I think people will definitely get much more of an insight into me through this and hopefully with the albums there will be more and more of that as I grow.'

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