Leona Lewis slams 'sexy' pop stars

So over the last few days we've been hammering the message that Leona Lewis is drab and boring, and we see no reason to change our opinions now. Here she is, wibbling on about women pop stars who go too far with their 'sexy' actions – and she sounds just like a disapproving aunt. Zzzzzz.

While there is no doubt an issue to be taken with the objectification of women pop stars, and indeed women in general, it's the way in which she blabbers on that's just so terminally drab: can't she at least make some sort of outrageous statement, something like; 'these wannabe hookers are destroying the feminist movement – sluts, and complicit in their own oppression!' Honestly, everything she says sounds like it's being addressed to a village fete.

'Personally, I think some people go too far,' she told Stylist magazine. 'I don't really like to see people dancing around a pole or gyrating on a guy every time I go to a concert.

'I just don't think there is any need for it. I'd rather be something positive, especially to young girls. It's not something I want to represent and I find it a bit insulting as a woman. There's a way to be sexy that's not too in your face.

'I would never do a bikini shoot. It's too embarrassing. No weird sex books for me either. I watch what I eat and I eat really healthily most of the time, but other times, I'll just eat what I want. I'm happy with my figure.'

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