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LesMis, or LesMiserables, is a novel by Victor Hugo which was written in 1862 and is a work of historical fiction set in the period following the French Revolution in France. It is considered to be one of the world's finest novels and, more recently, one of the world's best musicals. It is a varied work that explores humanity through the eyes of of ex-convict Jean Valjean and drags any audience through an emotional roller-coaster not soon forgotten.

Les Mis, The Musical

The musical version opened for the first time in Paris in 1980 at the Palais des Sports and has only grown in popularity and success since then. Its first performance in London was in 1985 and it remains a hugely popular fixture. In fact, in January 2010, on its 25th anniversary year, Les Mis played its 10,000th show in London, at Queen's Theatre in the West End! This is a musical that needs to be seen!

Les Mis Tickets in London!

There is nowhere quite like London to take in a musical. It has the atmosphere, the restaurants for a bit of pre-theatre and the bars for the aprés-entertainment. And, its pretty easy to get tickets to this particular extravaganza! The Les Mis site is easy to use and intuitive. Just be sure to book early so as not to be disappointed. This show fills up fast and far in advance.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices vary according to where you want to sit. The best tickets are obviously the most expensive! However, there are no bad seats in the house and everyone is guaranteed a great show. There are also concessions available for students, oaps and others.

Stalls: £62.50, £50.00, £42.50, £32.50, £20.00

Dress Circle: £62.50, £50.00, £42.50, £32.50*, £20.00*

Upper Circle: £42.50, £32.50, £20.00*, £15.00*

All you have to do is book! Enjoy.

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