Lewis' green fingers

Leona Lewis has claimed that every time she takes a flight she plants a tree, so as to assuage the guilt she feels every time her career forces her to pump tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The reality TV star, who has become a rather big name in the world of popular beat combos said she wants to counter-act the damage her lifestyle does, although whether this has any actual benefit to the environment would be a matter for the scientists.

In any case, it has to be better than the solution offered by budget airlines, who take part in the carbon trading which allows us rich, fat bourgeois pigs in the west to carry on polluting the world as much as we like, while simultaneously stopping the ‘developing world’ from developing at all. Also, does she plant the tree herself, at whatever destination she happens to be in, like a renegade pop-Titchmarsh? Let’s hope so.

‘It's not about saying to people you can't get on a plane,' she said. 'I travel all the time. But I plant a tree every time I've been on a plane to counter-balance the effects.

‘I try to do as much as I can, especially when I'm away. I rent hybrid cars. I'm conscious about lights and energy saving. I've always switched the lights off when I'm not in a room since I was a child.’ One day there will be nothing left, except for Leona Lewis and a world full of trees.

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