Liam could be heading back to Manchester

Liam Gallagher had a well-refreshed night out in Manchester, watching his beloved Manchester City beat Manchester United. Gallagher watched the game at the invitation of team captain Vincent Kompany, who scored the winning goal. The TV cameras found Gallagher in exultation at the final whistle.

Gallagher, the former Oasis singer who is now creating much smaller ripples with Beady Eye, enjoyed the game so much that he felt compelled to gatecrash the post-match press conference to regale journalists with his views.

Most of them concerned his new new hero, Kompany. "He invited me to his box," Gallagher said. "He scored a blinder, his family is mega and his sister is really cool. Nice one bro. Vive le Belgium."

Further rambling observations were rather cruelly directed at the opposing manager Alex Ferguson. "He must have been blinded by the lights," he said. "He must have been on the whisky too much." He was more complimentary about City manager Roberto Mancini. "I love him, he's so cool, he's almost as cool as me," Gallagher said.

Gallagher and his brother Noel are long-time City fans, although they aren’t seen at the matches together these days. Gallagher had rashly promised to radio station Talk Sport that he would move back to Manchester if his team won the title. That now looks a distinct possibility. Liam’s London neighbours will probably be cheering on City fervently in the remaining games.

Galllagher rounded off the night by sending his Twitter followers a picture of himself meeting Diego Maradona at the game, with the cheeky caption "Maradona shakes the hand of God".

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