Liam Gallagher Club Night

Want to be the first to see Liam Gallagher’s post Oasis band, Beady Eye play live? They may not playing, but if we were you, we’d bag ourselves some tickets to his brand new club night.

The Manc frontman is to help give his Pretty Green fashion line an added push by hosting a night for the threads. The one off date is on November 26th and the venue is the Relentless Garage in Highbury in North London. Although Beady Eye aren’t confirm to play, Oasis member Andy Bell will be spinning some tunes, as will the missing Gallagher, Paul Gallagher. Yes, there’s a third one. Plus, live music will come from in vogue Exit Calm.

Don’t want to miss out? Then pick up your tix tomorrow (13 Oct) on 0871 230 1094.

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