Liam Gallagher happy about The Stone Roses reunion

If there was one man we could count on being rather happy at The Stone Roses getting back together, it was always going to be Liam Gallagher. The former Oasis frontman was hugely influenced by Roses singer Ian Brown (although Gallagher has much the better voice), and is on record as saying that he wanted them to reunite.

So it's hardly any sort of shock that he took to Twitter to see express his delight. What better forum to say it on, eh? '(The) Stone Roses getting back together not been this happy since my kids were born... LG,' said the Beady Eye man, who had previously said that they should reform, for the money, if nothing else.

'I'd love the Roses to get back, play that album and make a s**tload of money for themselves, because I'm sure they didn't make that much (before). Do some great f**king gigs, see what the reaction is and go make a new record.'

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