Liam Gallagher speaks about live return

Former Oasis front man Liam Gallagher has revealed plans for his first solo gig since the Mancunian legends split back in September.

Speaking during an interview with Italian station Radio Deejay the younger Gallagher also shed some light on why Oasis decided to call it a day.

When asked if he missed playing live Liam responded: 'I'll be back doing that [playing live] within a couple of months. I've just done a tour, I always miss singing songs. I miss the people.'

'Our kid' revealed that he is working on new material with the remaining members of Oasis: 'We're sort of doing things at the moment. Not Oasis, Oasis is done. Everyone except for Noel.'

Liam also spoke about his brother Noel's decision to quit the band: 'To be quite honest, I think our kid [Noel Gallagher] wanted out. But you'll have to ask him when he comes in and does his little solo thing.'

'We had an argument – but we've had bigger ones, about more important people. Basically, I think he wanted out, wanted something different, but he hadn’t got the b%llocks to tell the band or the fans.'

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