Liam Gallagher still suing Noel

It looked like the legal problems between Liam and Noel Gallagher had come to and end, but it appears that they're set to rumble on a little while yet: Liam has come out and said that ' there are a few things which need to be sorted out'. What these few things are no-one knows, but it could get messy.

The Sun reported last week that their mum Peggy had made it clear that she wanted the legal feud to end, and that the boys had decided to let it go. But that's not true – honstly, why dos anyone believe anything they read in the papers?

'It's not over yet' said Liam. 'There are a few things which need to be sorted out. I didn't want this to happen. It's not nice suing your family but like I said, he was telling porkies for the sake of his mates and journalists to get a wise crack on me.

'If he listens to his lawyers and does the right thing then it'll be well and truly over. I never wanted it to happen but it has to happen.'

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