Liam Gallagher talks about London Roundhouse gig

Liam Gallagher has responded to comments made by his brother Noel following the legendary rockers recent gig at the London Roundhouse where the singer berated a fan before walking off stage.

The volatile singer reacted angrily after some members of the crowd threw pints of beer in his direction. The younger Gallagher then launched into a foul mouthed tirade before walking off in a huff leaving older brother Noel to takeover singing duties for the last half an hour of the gig.

Noel wrote about the gig on the band's blog: "That gig at was… erm… very odd. What'siz'name [Liam] exploded with pretend rage the minute he walked on. Strange cat. Probably on his man period. Saying that, it was a full moon'n'all. Didn't notice him getting any more hairy though. Mind you, those that were there seemed to enjoy it, so… y'know, onwards and sideways."

Now Liam has given his two cents worth via Twitter: "Regarding shortarse's comments on my behaviour at the roundhouse-Pretend rage? It's called rock and roll darling, you wanna try it sometime."

"Man period? You've been on since the first gig in Seattle! And as for the squares backstage, all your guests left with you Live Forever. And as for leaving the stage between songs, that's when I go to the bar just like you fucking lot! Live Forever."

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