Liam Gallagher to sue Noel

The already bad blood between Liam Gallagher and his brother Noel has gone even sourer: Liam is suing his elder sibling for over the 'lies' he has told about the Oasis split. Oof.

Noel claimed that Oasis had to cancel their 2009 V Festival gig because Liam was hungover, and also said that a row over advertising Pretty Green in the band's promotional material precipitated the split. However Liam has always flatly denied this and is now taking legal action.

'That is a lie and I want Oasis fans to know the truth,' Liam told The Sun. 'I was gutted when I couldn't play the gig because I didn't want to let the fans down. The truth is I had laryngitis, diagnosed by a doctor, preventing me performing that night.

'There are many reasons why Oasis split. But it had nothing to do with my clothing range.'

'Liam felt he had no choice but the courts,' said a source. 'He feels a mix of anger at how he has been treated by his own elder brother and sadness [that] it has come to this'

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