Liam Gallagher writing a book

Since the demise of Oasis a year ago pretty much all the go-getting between the Gallagher brothers has come from camp Liam. While Noely G has done next to nothing apart from a couple of charity solo shows at the Royal Albert Hall and some light PR for the recent Singles Collection album, Liam has successfully launched his own fashion label (Pretty Green), set-up a film company (producing a film about The Beatles) and formed a brand new band called Beady Eye (yes we know, it’s Oasis MKII). And he’s not stopping there.

In an interview on his Pretty Green website he’s now announced that he intends to not only open up a London shop for his threads but is going to write a book about Oasis and possibly make a film: ‘Yep, without a doubt. Very soon,’ he said when asked if he was going to write a memoire on the Brit Poppers, adding, ‘before I forget them all’.

Talking about the Pretty Green shop he said: ‘definitely man. We're just waiting for the right place to come along, and I'm not gonna rush into it. We're looking to do a temporary store in London this summer, the website will tell you where and when it's happening.’

Come on Noel! Pull your chubby little finger out!

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