Liam Gallagher’s new band update

Since the demise of Oasis last year, there’s been a lot hoo-ha about when we’ll get to hear some post split material from the Gallaghers Grimm. Well, there's fresh chatter about when we will and what the new tunes will sounds like.

News broke last week that Liam Gallagher has bought the film rights to Richard DiLello’s novel ‘The Longest Cocktail Party’ – about the latter days of The Beatles - and intends on having a pop at producing it. So to help get his new career moving he’s been showing his simian face at this week’s Cannes Film Festival: ‘we could use The Beatles if we want it,’ he told The Guardian, ‘but we're gonna do it – my new band's going to do the soundtrack. We can recreate that sound like that, you know what I mean? I think it will be more exciting if you have a sound that reminds you of that era, instead of the obvious, going, 'Oh, there's 'Let It Be’.’

The film is expected to be released next year but don't expect to see a cameo from Liam. As he says, 'he's too good looking' for acting.

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