Liam lets rip

Liam Gallagher has decided to shout his mouth off once again, and the vitriol that's been coming out of his mouth has proven to be very amusing indeed. Not only has he taken pot shots at at the usual suspects (Blur, his brother), but also at all those reforming bands.

'I'm right into the Blur reunion, 'cos it'll finish off the Kaiser Chiefs and put them to bed,' he ranted. 'There's nothing worse than a s*** Blur. And at least the original s*** Blur are back to finish off all these other s*** Blurs. I'm bang into the Blur reunion.

'I'll tell you what, though, all these band reunions recently, it just goes to show who's the real deal. Oasis have never split up. Now all these bands have come back, just as the recession is kicking in. They've all been found out.

'Spandau Ballet? I've seen Tony Hadley, and it's more like Spandau Belly.'

And of course, we couldn't we leave him without getting a few words on his relationship with his brother. It's as cordial as ever.

'I've heard him say: “Our kid needs to be in the papers all the time.” That's rubbish - I don't wanna be in the papers at all. It's him that wants to be in the papers. He's loving his new-found fame, hanging out in the Groucho Club with s*** comedians like Russell Bland.'

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