Liam pining for Oasis

And so it begins. The first steps towards the inevitable Oasis reunion began with Liam Gallagher admitting that he would rather be in Oasis than his current group, Beady Eye.

While big brother Noel has met with a degree of success in his solo career, Liam’s Beady Eye has failed to garner much interest. Perhaps that’s what provoked his comments in an interview with Live magazine.

"If people think I'm going to be happy about the Oasis split, then they’re wrong," Gallagher said. "Even though I love Beady Eye, I’d prefer to still be in Oasis, because that was my thing. Oasis was my life."

Life with Beady Eye is somewhat less spectacular, although the singer put a brave face on it by saying he prefers to play small venues. "It’s been great doing all these little shows, going back to square one. It's good to see the crowd and hear them. Long may that continue. Big gigs are soulless masses of people – I'm glad I've done them, but I don’t miss them. I’ve got nothing to prove anyway."

Then, perhaps realising that he was sounding a little defensive, Gallagher recovered a little of his customary mouthiness and condemned rival indie bands for being scruffy. "Look at these grungers – they just walk around filthy with matted hair and smelly T-shirts, looking like tramps – where's the park bench and the Special Brew?"

Beady Eye are currently working on new material, but you suspect that Liam is constantly glancing at his phone waiting for a text from Noel.

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