Liam records

Liam Gallagher has revealed that he is recording demos of new tracks with ex-Oasis band mates Andy Bell, Gem Archer and Zak Starkey and will be set to record his first solo album next year. Although given only Noel Gallagher is missing from that line-up, it’s basically Oasis, isn’t it?

‘We've been demoing some songs that we've had on the quiet,’ he said to MTV Italy. ‘After Christmas we might go in the studio and record it and hopefully have an album out in July.

‘We'll do it in a different kind of way now. I'll try and reconnect with a new band, new songs and I'm feeling confident about the songs. I'm feeling a million per cent confident that they could be better than Oasis.’

Gallagher also spilled the beans on his troubled relationship with his older brother, which you can see in the video of the interview below. Listen and learn Italian via the subtitles. Or sottotitoli, as they call them. Enjoy.

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