'Liam's gay'

Noel Gallagher has lashed out at his younger brother yet again, this time after hearing his NME awards speech, where he thanked everyone involved in Oasis apart from the man who wrote nearly all of the songs (and all the good ones, let’s face it). Noel decided to also have a little pop at his sibling for starting his own fashion label Pretty Green, implying that he’s actually gay. It’s like they never got out of their teens, isn’t it?

‘If he wants to take credit for my band, then that's up to him,’ said Noel to The News of the World. ‘But every fan knows the truth and that's all that matters. It's like the f**king Sugababes now. They'll be kicking Andy Bell out next and replacing him with a leggy blonde.’

‘He's a fashion designer or a male model, isn't he? Oasis fans don't care what the band look like. But our kid doesn't get that. Fashion is for women... and gay men.’

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