Liber-teeny glimmer of hope

We’ve had this story before (many, maaaaannny times before), but this time it looks like The Libertines are finally getting back together. Yes, truthfully. Carl Barat has said that he and Pete Doherty are going to try for a reunion sometime next year, as long as he doesn’t let his predilection for a bit of the old smack get in the way.

‘Lots of people have come up to me saying a reunion would be a good idea,’ he said to The Sun. ‘And I do think so too. I'd love to do it. It was a good band.

‘I don't want to just do gigs. I want to make new material. We haven't got a date yet but it will happen if Pete stays on his current trajectory.

‘Pete's very keen and persuasive. He rings me up and tells me he’s going to keep on the straight and narrow.’

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