Libertines to stay together?

The Libertines have suggested that they might reform permanently if their summer shows go well, which, given that their gig last night went down a treat, could be good news for their legions of ageing indie boy fans. Fedoras in the air boys!

BUT WAIT! We don’t know how their upcoming shows at Reading and Leeds are going to go yet, so hold you Fedora fire. However, we at Excite are confident that they’ll be good (they better bloody had be, we’re going to Reading on Saturday - Ed).

‘I think that decision will actually come (after the shows). (We) would all love to continue doing this,’ said drummer Gary Powell. ‘We started rehearsing as The Libertines and it all came back slowly but surely… it all fell back into place.’

‘It's been six years of stasis, but then you get back in the room and it's like the six years haven't happened,' said the Carl Barat, the non-smackhead singer. 'You remember all these different facets of your friends, the good and the bad, but I've mainly forgotten the good. It's pretty electric the chemistry, it hasn't really changed a bit. It's exciting.’

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