Light fingered Peas

Following in the footsteps of Coldplay and Men at Work, the Black Eyed Peas are the latest band to be accused of plagiarism. The riff in question forms the backing melody from the Black Eyed Peas single Party All The Time off new album The E.N.D.

Electro band Freeland (fronted by DJ Adam Freeland) claim that the Peas lifted the sample from their song Mancry after, guess what, Will.i.am attended an event in which Freeland the band played at. The similarity between the samples is undeniable. However, the minefield which is trying to copyright chord sequences and/or prove that someone else nicked yours means it's doubtful that anything will come of it - other than that Freeland will get some worthwhile exposure. Check out the inevitable YouTube comparison vid. Then check out Freeland - stomping.

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