Lights back on for The Darkness

Zany rockers The Darkness have anounced that they are reforming after a four year hiatus.

And the band is set to start recording a new album in the spring before playing the Download Festival in June.

It seems frontman Justin Hawkins has put the differences he had with his former band members to one side as well as dumping his new band, Hot Leg.

In fact, the spandax wearing rocker told BBC Newsbeat that he has been writing with his brother Dan, also an original member of the group, during the years The Darkness have spent apart.

‘It was frustrating for a long time to not be able to tell anybody because we've had to sort of keep it a secret,’ he said. ‘It was like a forbidden romance without the trail.’

But will the new material be more like minor classic I Believe in a Thing Called Love, or will it continue in the vein of whimsical joke song Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)?

Either way, the band will be a worthy antidote to the earnest soulstrells, Gaga wannabes and manufactured pop balladry currently occupying the charts.

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