Like father, like son

Green Day must have inspired thousands, if not millions, of teenage school boys to bunk off for a day, smoke cigarettes and probably pot, wearing their school ties around their head whilst jamming on air guitar. It comes as no small surprise that many of these rebels would get into music because of an obsession with their idols, much like the son of one of the actual band members, Billie Joe Armstrong.

And so it seems that sixteen-year-old Joey, son of said member, will soon be releasing the album of his band, 'Emily's Army', under his dad's label. Having been practising for a number of years with his fellow bandmates, Max and Travis Neumann, who play bass and lead guitar, the group finally feel it is time to release debut album 'Don't be a Dick' into the world, Music News tells us.

'Joey is on the drums and the band is named after singer Cole Becker's teenage cousin Emily, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in 1998.'

'The fourteen track album is 'well played, has great hooks and is catchy as hell' according to Billie Joe.'

If nepotism in the industry was a crime, then the Osbournes would have a lot to answer for!

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