Lil' Wayne announces album release date

It’s a been a turbulent last couple of years for Lil’ Wayne: he was banged up on gun charges after a bizarre sequence of events that meant he couldn’t be sentenced, and a documentary of his life was released, a film he so vehemently disagreed with that he tried to bring legal action against it.

These days, however, Young Weezy is back on the grind, and ready to drop his latest album, Tha Carter IV. The man himself has said that it will be released on 16 May, although it’s already ripe to be put out. If only they’d just stop stalling.

‘Tha Carter IV is done,’ he said. ‘All they need to do is tell Tez (manager Cortez Bryant) to stop sitting on it. Tez, stop sitting on Tha Carter IV and put the album out. May 16, believe that. It can come out tomorrow 'cause I'm so finished... Tha Carter IV. will be dropping May 16. If you're not doing anything, do me.’

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