Lils is a hippy-crite!

When popstars and other celebs of their ilk pipe up and preach about the environment - you know, like how people should fly less, take public transport instead of the car, recycle every substance known to man and do absolutely anything to lower their carbon footprint, it always has always smacks of delicious irony: they themselves spend nine months of the year globetrotting to plug their new album.

Well, in a true moment of celeb-hypocrisy, Lily Allen has urged people to be more aware of the environment and go green. She'd rather you did it because, quite frankly, she can't be arsed herself: ‘We all need to take a bit more responsibility for our carbon footprint,’ said the poptart in a Q magazine interview, ‘I'm trying, but it's hard. I’ve bought a Land Rover. It's a gas guzzler. I wanted something big and sturdy which lifted me off the ground a bit. I wanted to feel bigger than the paparazzi.’

Oh dear. Proof that Lily doesn't have her feet on the ground?

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